How to lay a strong foundation for your team as well as your agency partner.

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You’ve written a great RFP, found the perfect agency partner, negotiated the contract, and now you’re ready to go! Everyone’s excited and ready to get this project off the ground. If you’re wondering, “How can I make this project run smoothly and produce the best outcome?” we’ve got a few tips for you.

With your team:

Whether your project team is you and a partner, or a collection of stakeholders from various departments, it’s important to get everyone on the same page.

Start by defining the who, what…

Schedules can be fundamentally strategic tools. That may sound strange, as for many it’s not natural to think of a schedule as a means to drive value and build momentum. Yet when crafting a schedule — planning relationships, defining processes, and allocating resources — decisions are made that lay the foundation for success.

Reflecting on hundreds of client engagements, our client service team composed three principles to guide the development of timelines.

Start earlier

Whether a brand reboot, a digital platform overhaul, a new product rollout, or a content initiative, we recommend organizations and institutions start early. That may sound obvious, but…

What do you do when choosing the right agency actually means choosing the right agencies?

You may need multiple partners to complete everything you want to accomplish. It could be the scale of your project is simply too big (or too broad) for one agency, or you may need specialized skills for aspects of your planned project. In our own work as a strategic digital agency, we’ve encountered a few common scenarios in which our prospective clients choose to engage multiple partners to deliver against the requirements of their project:

  • Brand and website: you may prefer how one prospective partner…

The first time you meet with your short list of agencies is a crucial step in choosing a great partner. Below we’ll cover the basics that apply to all of these meetings, and we’ll shed some light on the key question of meeting format, to help you determine what kind of meeting will produce the best result.

The basics

Any time you’re meeting with agencies, there are a few rules of thumb to pay attention to:

  • Avoid the cattle call. Shopping for a great agency partner is still shopping; it’s easy to let curiosity get the best of you. We’ve seen prospective…

Over the past 20 years, we’ve interviewed with hundreds of clients and led our own selection process for partners. Like you, we know pricing and schedule alignment are top-of-mind when it comes to selecting an agency. But if you have a short-list of agencies with similar fees and timelines, what criteria can help you make the best choice?

Our clients often cite traits like alignment, clarity, poise, and integrity. While these traits are useful, there are other, more concrete indicators that a prospective partner will understand your needs and deliver the goods. …

Having worked with hundreds of clients, one thing is always true. Every project has a budget.

While many factors influence budget considerations, one of the most common conundrums we hear from clients is whether or not to share a budget with potential service providers, in our case digital and creative agencies. Naturally, there are numerous and valid reasons you might elect to keep your budget private — your organization may lack clarity around the allocation of financial resources, your team may lack experience determining appropriate ranges for a given scope of work, or you may simply be uncomfortable talking openly…

The web is littered with manifestos about the death of the RFP. Organizations feel they’re a necessary evil that consume time and energy, often across multiple departments. Agencies believe RFPs emphasize the wrong things, precluding meaningful conversations and substantive evaluation. Yet organizations continue issuing them, and agencies continue responding.

That’s because of the promise they offer. When done well, an RFP can also help you determine who’s not a great fit; don’t forget that quickly eliminating a candidate is a win for both you and the prospective agency. More to the point, a great RFP can help you find the…

Written by Brian Lemond, Managing Partner

For the past ten years, two divisions have worked side-by-side in our Brooklyn studio. Some know us as Brooklyn United — a cultural-impact digital agency. Others know us as Brooklyn Digital Foundry — specialists in computer-generated video and imagery. Behind the scenes, these two teams operate as a single company with a unified vision — leverage design and technology to make a difference for our clients.

As the marketplace for digital agencies and content producers races forward, we’ve happily arrived at a moment where clients seek end-to-end partnership, recognizing the value of a dedicated…

Many clients call Brooklyn Digital Foundry with the same need. They want a better user experience for their audiences, and a website that is easy to navigate.

When users describe a website as difficult to use, the issue often goes much deeper than the visual design. One of the first things we look at, regardless of whether our client is a global brand, institution, or early stage startup, is the website’s underlying information architecture — how the website’s content and pages are organized. A good information architecture (IA) uses scalable hierarchy and familiar nomenclature to make content easy to find…

Written by Lindsay DeVellis, Senior Strategist

At Brooklyn Digital Foundry, all our work begins with — and is measured against — a strategic frame. Many of our clients, whether institutions, non-profits, or global brands, haven’t worked with a strategic creative partner before, so we often begin by defining the terrain.

Digital strategy is a relatively new field, rife with questions, experimentation, and differing approaches. At the base of digital strategy is, of course, strategy, which is well-established compared to its digital progeny. …

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