Having worked with hundreds of clients, one thing is always true. Every project has a budget.

While many factors influence budget considerations, one of the most common conundrums we hear from clients is whether or not to share a budget with potential service providers, in our case digital and creative…

The web is littered with manifestos about the death of the RFP. Organizations feel they’re a necessary evil that consume time and energy, often across multiple departments. Agencies believe RFPs emphasize the wrong things, precluding meaningful conversations and substantive evaluation. Yet organizations continue issuing them, and agencies continue responding.


Written by Lindsay DeVellis, Senior Strategist

At Brooklyn Digital Foundry, all our work begins with — and is measured against — a strategic frame. Many of our clients, whether institutions, non-profits, or global brands, haven’t worked with a strategic creative partner before, so we often begin by defining the terrain.

Brooklyn Digital Foundry

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